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Why do we need mineral suppplements?

Our bodies are made primarily of water and minerals, both of which are essential to every function within the human body. A proper balance of minerals is required for appropriate function and electrical conductivity. An excess or deficiency of any one mineral can throw the body out of its delicate health balance. When the body goes out of balance, disease can set in.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins are all organic substances – they are compounds of the chemical element carbon. In addition to these organic nutrients, the human body requires certain chemical elements in their inorganic forms, or not bound to carbon. These elements in their non-organic forms are classified as dietary minerals.

Before the depletion of soils and the use of synthetic fertilizers and modern manufacturing processes, plants were rich with a usable form of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that our bodies need for everyday life. Now, because these nutrients are no longer in the food we eat, we would need to eat an unrealistic amount of food in order to get our daily requirement of these essential elements. This is where supplements come in.

What are water-soluble liquid minerals?

Water-soluble minerals are unique from other mineral supplements because they utilizes a new proprietary scientific technology that transforms insoluble minerals (metals) into angstrom-sized water-soluble particles. An angstrom is 1/10,000th of a micron, which is a millionth of a meter. Previously, only plants, with help from the sun and organisms in the soil, had the ability to reduce minerals (metals) to angstrom-sized particles.

The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the body is primarily a matter of size. If you get the particle size of the mineral small enough, you not only get the mineral into the body (absorption), but you also accomplish cell assimilation, which is the key to fully utilizing the benefits of mineral nutrients. When held in the mouth under the tongue, the water-soluble minerals will absorb sublingually and, through cell osmosis, be transported throughout the body. By bypassing the hydrochloric acid of the lower stomach and the other digestive systems of the body, key mineral nutrients are delivered directly to the cells of the body. These products can be found in the perspiration of individuals within 30 minutes of consumption, which attests to the product's ability to cell assimilate and move throughout the body.

Because these water-soluble minerals are not dependent on the digestive or enzymatic functions of the body, they work extraordinarily well for older people and others with diminshed body system abilities. They are also easier for children and older people to swallow than pills or capsules. The extremely small particle size also provides an avenue for the mineral to leave the body if it is not needed at the time without toxic buildup occurring.

How are water-soluble minerals different from colloidal minerals?

We believe the criteria for proper utilization and absorption of all minerals, vitamins and other is dependent on their size and absorbability.

Colloids are the minerals found in the soil in metallic particle form. Most minerals are toxic in colloid form because they can build up in the body, causing major health problems. But, when a plant grows, it absorbs these colloidal (non-soluble) minerals and changes them into an ionic/water-soluble form – the proper bio-available form for use by the human body.

A colloidal solution is not the same as water-soluble. A colloidal solution consists of mineral particles that are suspended between water molecules. One of the simplest examples of a colloidal solution is water that comes from copper pipes. Many of us have tasted water coming from a copper pipe and noted its distinct flavor. The copper particles are simply suspended in the water. The solution is, by definition, a colloidal solution. If dehydrated, the copper particles will be left behind. When testing a colloidal solution, you can shine a flashlight or laser through the suspension and see the mineral particles refracting the light. This is known as the "Tyndall Effect".

The water-soluble minerals, on the other hand, are in an extremely small, angstrom size (10,000 times smaller than colloidal particles) ionic* form bonded with ultra-pure water so the two are inseperable. The process is similar to what a plant does with the minerals in the soil, breaking them down into a usable cell-ready form.

When minerals are truly water-soluble, they provide significant health benefits superior to any colloidal mineral solution without the possible side effect of building toxicity over time.
*An ion is a particle, either as a single atom or as a group of atoms, which carries an electrical charge. There are two types of ions: positive and negative. The positive ions are called cations and the negative ions are called anions. It is this electrical charge that is an inherent property of each individual mineral and is a property by which the body recognizes individual minerals in the body.

How are water-soluble minerals better than pill or capsule form?

No matter what the body takes in, it has to "liquify" it in order to be able to use it. The challenge with most traditional pill and capsule supplements is that they usually have been processed with intense pressure, heat, paraffin coatings, and fillers. This “complex” nutrient form is difficult for the body to break down as it is not in the desired form the body needs. Just because a substance may be present in a compound, it does not mean it can be used. For example, you can breathe hydrogen or oxygen, but you can’t breathe water. Although water contains the individual elements of oxygen and hydrogen, they are not in a form the body can use for breathing. The same analogy is true in supplementation. Calcium carbonate is not calcium and chromium picolinate is not chromium. Although a substance may be present in a compound, it does not mean it can be used.

Body absorption of the desired elemental mineral from pills and capsules is often less than 10%, with cell assimilation being almost unmeasurable. In addition, pills and capsules require significant digestion before any type of effective absorption can take place. Due to consumption of foods heavily laden with preservatives, drinking highly acidic beverages such as soda and coffee, exposure to environmental toxins, as well as the normal aging process, the digestive capacity of most individuals is significantly compromised. Therefore, mineral supplements provided in pill/capsule/tablet form provide fractional benefits to the body at best due to their challenges with both absorption and assimilation in the body. Even colloidal products are not in a pure design. Colloidal products are simply a suspension of small metallic “filings” in water. 

Why is particle size important to absorbtion?

Chelated and colloidal particles are far too large for cell assimilation in the body. These particles will be caught up in the blood stream and subsequently deposited, building up in various parts of the body, contributing to diseases such as kidney stones, bone spurs and hardening of the arteries. Toxic buildup of colloidal minerals such as copper, lead, and aluminum is known as heavy-metal poisoning.

The body’s ability to utilize a mineral is primarily a matter of size and solubility. If the mineral particles can be reduced down small enough, they can then be absorbed by the body without the need for them to be broken down into a less usable form through the process of digestion. The most important issue for absorption of a mineral is making sure it is in its ionic form. The dominant factor is that the mineral must be freed from whatever matrix it is contained within so it can be recognized and taken up by the body. Being in its ionic form helps the body recognize and use the minerals.

An ion is a particle, either as a single atom or as a group of atoms, which carries an electrical charge. There are two types of ions: positive and negative. The positive ions are called cations and the negative ions are called anions. It is this electrical charge that is an inherent property of each individual mineral and is a property by which the body recognizes individual minerals in the body.

What are some guidelines to determine if a mineral solution is truly water-soluble?

If the mineral solution is dehydrated, it should grow crystals rather than returning to a powder form metallic particles. The mineral solution must also pass the "Tyndall Effect" test. When a laser beam is directed though the solution, no light will be refracted and thus seen by the eye.

Can I take too much of a water-soluble mineral?

As with all supplements, more is not always better. Any compound taken in extreme excess can be unhealthy for the body. There cannot be a blanket statement to cover all compounds, or even minerals and vitamins. Each respective ingredient has its own “biochemical uniqueness.” The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of a nutrient is a suggested maximum amount to be taken each day.

When analyzing the toxicity of a product or material, it is important to recall what contributes to toxicity in the body:
1) The inherent properties of the material ingested
2) The dose of the material
3) The rate of absorption by the body
4) The ability of the material to accumulate in the body
5) The rate and ability of the material to be excreted

Taken in moderation, these water-soluble nutrients, which have an angstrom-sized ionic particle (10,000 times smaller than colloidal-sized particles), pose little, if any, danger of overdose toxicity because the body can self-balance by ejecting the excess nutrient out of the body through the urine. And, because of their bioavailability, the dosage amount is less as the entire dosage is usable by the body. Remember, body absorption of the desired elemental mineral from pills and capsules is often less than 10%. So, for example, if you take a 500 mg. capsule, your body may only be able to use 50 mg of it at the most.

By contrast, colloidal particles are too large (colloidal particles are 10,000 times larger than angstrom-sized particles) to be assimilated into the cells or easily excreted by the body, allowing some particles get deposited in various parts of the body, building up and contributing to diseases such as kidney stones, bone spurs and hardening of the arteries.

We suggest following the recommended dosages provided on each product. Larger doses should be taken under the advice of a healthcare professional. There are also some minerals that are very powerful and should be taken carefully. Iron and selenium are two elements that should be taken in small doses unless otherwise advised by a health care professional.

Do water-soluble minerals react with pharmaceutical medicines?

Mineral supplementation has been very safe. However, specific drugs may have specific guidelines for use. It is recommended that, before starting any mineral or nutritional program, you check with your healthcare professional for possible interactions. However, we have seen a positive side effect with supplements. As mineral deficiencies are corrected, the need for pharmaceutical drugs that mask deficiency symptoms may no longer be needed.

How long will it take before I see results?

With nutrition, we are giving the body what it needs to heal itself and rebuild itself anew and this takes time. To build a better body, we have to wait on the natural turnover of the body's cells. A blood cell lasts 60-120 days. In 3-4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced. In 6 months almost all the proteins in your body die and are replaced, even the DNA of your genes. In a year all your bones and even the enamel of your teeth is replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients you eat. Think of it this way: if you take a neglected houseplant and start feeding and watering it, the leaves may perk up a bit from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait for the old leaves to die off and new leaves to grow before you get a really healthy plant.

How are these mineral products manufactured?.

Imitating the intricate processes found in nature, these minerals, which are pharmacuetical grade and derived from natural sources, are made using a new, highly technical, proprietary technology to create plant-sized mineral particles and combine them with ultra-pure activated water. These elemental mineral ions are able to exist in a perfect polar and ionic/water-soluble form.

The purer the water the more efficiently minerals are activated into their electrically charged ionic state. These products use water that is purified at the company's own government-inspected and certified manufacturing facility using a unique proprietary process which encompasses  reverse osmosis and UV light and revitalizing. 

The purified water is then treated with a negative magnetic field at multiple times the strength of the earth’s own magnetic field in a process called Negative Field Activation. Water normally has polar bonds, which in the presence of a negative field, are manipulated and changed by that field – it is a process that “structures” and further purifies the water. This results in water that has unique characteristics – it is more fluid, a better solvent, has altered solubility and surface tension, whose polar bonds are at somewhat of a different degree than usual water, and whose pH characteristics are different. In fact, the water becomes alkalizing due to the propensity to pull oxygen into the cell because oxygen is influenced by the magnetic field. This further results in a state where the minerals placed in this ultra-purified water are ionized more fully and can be transported into the body cells more efficiently.

The product label states the minimal dose recommended to maintain an individual’s daily requirements. It is based on an individual weighing 100-150 lbs. The amounts appear small because these water-soluble minerals are approximately 100% bio-available and are assimilated by the body. As such, smaller dosages are able to be used.


Most minerals should be taken early in the day (unless otherwise specified) except Silver, which is best taken separately.

All minerals should be dispensed on plastic or glass, not metal. 

If you experience some constipation from taking the Calcium, increase your Magnesium intake. This should remedy the situation. 

Stabilized Oxygen will help prevent constipation also. 10 drops in 8 oz water twice daily. Stabilized oxygen is concentrated, so do not exceed 20 drops per day unless otherwise recommended.

Gold, Calcium, and Magnesium promote a restful sleep. Do not take Copper on an empty stomach as it can cause nausea. 

Molybdenum is a power mineral that stays in the blood (as does Iron). Discontinue its use after 30 days and take one teaspoon per week thereafter. 

Selenium and Iron are very powerful minerals, so please only take 1 teaspoon (tsp) daily unless otherwise directed. They are both minerals that will affect your sleep pattern also if not taken early in the day. 

Copper and Selenium may cause irritability.

While Silver is generally taken when one is ill, it may be taken daily, if desired. If your immune sys-tem is lacking, it may be taken as a secondary support immune system. 
*After brushing your teeth, rinse with 100 PPM Silver. It can help stop fluoride damage and gum infection. 

The following are only suggestions and have been compiled from reports provided by those who have been helped and from extensive research by our staff. The information contained herein is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Please consult your health care provider before beginning any new dietary supplementation pro-gram. 
These recommendations are for individuals 60 pounds and up; 
Reduce dose to one half for children 30-60 pounds; 
Reduce dose to one quarter for children 10-30 pounds; 
Reduce dose to one eighth for infants. 

These doses are intended for specific health issues. They are not intended for extended use. These protocols are not for general health supplementation or to be used once homeostasis has been achieved. The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by 
Health Canada or the Food & Drug Administration. 

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