I have developed a deep appreciation for the amazing intellect our bodies have in the recovery process. The ability to heal naturally already exists in each of us; we just have to discover it.
— Audrey deVoogd Spoelstra

A little bit about me.  

My passion for holistic wellness stems from my own life experiences battling poor health. 

I believe every day is a new day full of possibility and abundance. I do not need to be perfect but what I do needs to have purpose. I enjoy the moment I am in and yet I love making future plans. I stay in the past only for reference. I love the ever new experiences I have while fasting. I go to bed giving thanks and I before I hit the floor in the morning I give thanks. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a giant glass of water from beside my bed. I love being outside in bare feet, yoga , being at my cottage and cycling. I love knowing and trusting that God and the universe I live in works together for my abundance. 

Because of a growing practise I also offering virtual services for your convenience. I  love to meet you on the phone or do house calls and especially if your mode of transportation is by horse and buggy.  I continue to develop my knowledge and skills through attending natural health conferences & courses, reading , researching , and through the valued experiences of my clients as well as my own  continued journey to optimal wellness. 

Elevate's Mission

I want you to experience the changes that I have. If you could feel vibrant, allergy free, lovable & loving, symptom free, worry free and excited about starting each new day and ending the day would you be as excited about life as I am ? I guarantee it.  My mission is to share the secrets that give you this intentional, holistic way of living and than, you too can pay it forward (and be contagious) because we truly are all here together on earth to serve each other. 

I would love to answer any of your questions of what we can accomplish together. For a discovery appointment, call me ( or text me) at 519 871 0148 or email me at elevate@rogers.com. 

Elevate is born from a desire to:

  1. Teach what is perfect for your situation. Encourage the use of presence of mind (not perfection), metaphysical and holistic coaching, supplements and modalities to support your bodies biological, mental and emotional recovery.
  2. Empower and support you to change your life through an awareness of the body's incredible way of healing itself. You can do it. We can do it together.
  3. Live by example with ethical leadership ( people, planet, profit) , in the moment and always live in a state of wonder with transformational results.

Make today the day that you commit to self love. It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person, which includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. For the majority of people this is difficult to achieve overnight. A good place to start is to commit to a half hour a day for just yourself. Whether its a walk or workout, a bath, yoga, a hobby, an appointment you have put off, time to research new interests or jobs, or the time to make a nutritional meal,  take that time for yourself each day and enjoy that time for you. 

When you're ready for the next step, give me a call.  519 871 0148. I look forward to hearing from you. 



This site is dedicated to my mother who was released from her 28 year struggle with Parkinson's on Sept. 16, 2010. She has now found stillness in the arms of her Saviour. When she witnessed an incredible improvement in my health and outlook on life, she encouraged me to share this blessing of new found health with others. I know nothing happens by chance and every event, pain and joy has purpose. I am thankful for all the teachers in my life but especially her.

Audrey deVoogd Spoelstra