Copper 500ml


Copper 500ml


Copper parallels iron. Iron is the essential element in hemoglobin. But, without copper, iron is not transported correctly throughout the body. Iron depends upon copper to become part of the red blood cells, therefore anemia results from a lack of iron and copper. The body just can't metabolize iron without the help it gets from copper. As blood levels of copper drop, iron absorption decreases, red blood cell production is inhibited, and anemia develops. Supplementation of both iron and copper is required in the treatment of anemia.  Copper is also essential in regulating female fertility and preventing miscarriages. 

Copper contributes to the structural integrity of connective tissue throughout the body. Collagen, the protein responsible for bone, skin, cartilage, and tendon elasticity, integrity, and strength, requires copper for proper reproduction. It is an important component of elastin (the connective tissue that gives elasticity to the blood vessels, lungs, and skin, allowing them to move and stretch with changes in pressure or movement).

A Few Things This Product May Benefit:

• Allergies • Anemia • Aneurysm • Arthritis • Diarrhea • Edema • General weakness • Gulf War Syndrome • Heart Disease • Hernias • High blood cholesterol • Hypo & hyper thyroid • Impaired respiration • Kawasaki disease • Liver cirrhosis • Parasites • Parkinson’s Disease • Ruptured disc • Skin eruptions or sores • Varicose veins • Wrinkled skin & more

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size…….........1 tbsp. (15 ml)
Servings Per Container..............32
Amount Per Serving...........13.3mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water