Indium 500ml


Indium 500ml


Indium has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. By potentiating this gland, and helping support proper thyroid levels, more calories and burned and weight is normalized. Indium users have known of it's anti-depressant activity for over two decades now, with indium producing a feeling of well-being and euphoria after only a few days of use. Two major effects that indium has are in its ability to help the body assimilate other important nutrients and in increasing the life span or red blood cells from 90 to 120 days.

A Few Things This Product May Benefit:

• Abdominal pain •Acne • Backache • Bloated feeling in the stomach • Depression • Dizziness • Dry skin softened • Eye irritation • Eye pain • Fatigue in the legs • Fever • Pain throughout body • Hair growth returned • Headaches • Healing time of scratches, burns, and bruises decreased • High blood pressure helped – gradually • HIV/AIDS patients helped with diarrhea  • Intestinal & bowel problems • Irritability • Lack of concentration • Lethargic appetite • Low Libido • Menstrual problems • Migraines • Mouth sores • Mouth ulcers • Muscle pain • Nasal Congestion • Nausea • Neck & shoulder stiffness • Normalization of low blood sugar • Normalization of saliva flow • Physical endurance increased • Productive cough • Runny nose • Sense of smell regained • Sense of well-being • Sinus pressure • Sleepiness in the afternoon • Sneezing • Sore throat and other throat problems • Taste sensitivity • Trembling hands & arms • Urinary problems • Weakness & more

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size…….........1 tbsp. (15 ml)
Servings Per Container..............32
Amount Per Serving............11.8mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water