Potassium 500ml


Potassium 500ml


Potassium is called the alkalizer.  It neutralizes acids and restores alkaline salts to the blood stream. Potassium works with sodium in all cells including nerve synapses to maintain/restore membrane potentials & assist in metabolic processes.

Hypertension is often a result of low potassium levels in comparison to sodium. The body should normally contain more potassium than sodium, but the (SAD) standard American diet, with its reliance on fast foods, packaged convenience foods, chips, and salt is too high in sodium and chloride and too low in potassium. Research has found that a high sodium diet with low potassium intake tends to elevate blood pressure. This usually leads to a doctor's prescription of diuretics which can cause even more potassium loss, further aggravating the underlying problems. This mineral is absolutely essential in proper amounts for good health.

A Few Things This Product May Benefit:

• Bad circulation • Bluish tint to skin • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome • Diabetes • Earaches • Edema • Fatigue  Headaches • Heart palpitations • Hypertension • Insomnia • Intestinal pain • Muscle weakness • Oppressive breathing • Pain in the eyes • Prolapsed uterus • Swollen glands • Tissue anemia • Water retention & more

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size…….........1 tbsp. (15 ml)
Servings Per Container..............32
Amount Per Serving.......133.23mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water