Silica 500ml


Silica 500ml


Next to oxygen, Silicon is the most prevalent element on earth.

All connective tissue cells in the body, the nails, the hair and the skin contain silica. Silica plays an active role in bone formation, in giving tissues hold, firmness, and strength, and in bone re-mineralization. It is also necessary for reproduction and prevention of birth defects.

Silica molecules enhance the body's ability to increase water-absorption of essential proteins, acting as a binding agent. By binding existing calcium, protein and water molecules together, they help strengthen and revitalize skin, hair and nails.

A Few Things This Product May Benefit:

• Aging • Aluminum toxicity • Alzheimer’s disease • Compromised immune issues • Connective tissue weakness • Dry & scaly scalp • Inflammation • Lack of elasticity in body tissues and vessels • Poor metabolism • Skin, hair & nail problems • Stomach issues • Vertigo • Weak joints & bones • Weak, split nails • Weakened hair & more

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size…….........1 tbsp. (15 ml)
Servings Per Container..............32
Amount Per Serving........26.64mg

Other ingredients: Purified Water