Testimonial by Allan Warwick

My cancer journey began in October 2012 when after a routine medical I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer. On a scale of 1 to 10 they had me at a 9.5! Once the initial shock had settled I was put on a course of hormone replacements. That worked for the first year.

My journey has taught me to surround myself with the most upbeat and positive people possible and those people will guide you through anything.

Connections with the right people are amazing. During that time a friend of mine suggested that Ienlist the help of her friend Audrey. It was January 2014 that I set up my first appointment with Audrey. I could tell from the moment she greeted me at the door that my friend had guided me in the right direction.

Conversation comes easy when you are comfortable with someone, especially when you meet for the first time. First meeting was easy. A bit of an eye opener but it all made sense to me. Initially my only hesitation was my current financial situation. But I realized the decision had to be made in the best interests of my health and started my journey with her that day.

I have opted to continue with my cancer clinic treatments as well as receiving expert guidance from Audrey on a monthly basis. With each treatment I get a bloodwork printout which I bring for her to analyze and she explains to me each product she suggests I take between visits. She has guided me through another year of Hormone replacement therapy and as of December 2015 a course of chemo.

My doctors continue to be amazed at how I feel so healthy and have been able to maintain my insane work schedule and stay fit through all of this.

I truly believe that Audrey's guidance is the main reason for my amazing success. And for me, most importantly a great friendship has developed which I cherish dearly.

Allan Warwick
London, Ontario