Testimonial by Cynthia Faubert

My journey to better health started 4 years ago and it has been nothing other than an incredible learning experience! 

Audrey has shared with me how parts of my body react to different foods. This experience has been, for lack of a better word, gentle. Slowly I have eliminated foods out of my diet that have not served me well and gently added foods which boost my immune, help with my anxiety, clear my lymphatic system and as a result lose a few pounds. I no longer take any form of antidepressants, and cope with life by eating the foods that keep my head and body healthy. It really is that easy! 

Audrey has also linked my faith to this journey and how God plays a huge role in forgiving myself for my past. When there is forgiveness in your heart and not regret your cravings are less and you tend to not reach to food for comfort. Incredible advice.

Through this whole process I have developed a love for my kitchen. Audrey has provided incredible recipes along the way which have been super easy to make. When you start to eat clean (no processed foods) it is incredible how your body responds.

I am not perfect through this process and fall off the band wagon occasionally but Audrey is always there to motivate me, teach me forgiveness in myself and lift my spirits to start again. She is like our own personal cheerleader!

I have spent a lifetime trying every type of diet out there, to lose and quickly always gain afterwards. Audrey has shown me that when you invest in the knowledge she provides, that this is not about a quick fix it is a journey to a life time of health and longevity.  

I am worth it!

Cynthia Faubert
London, Ontario