Testimonial by Merkia Athanasiou

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Audrey Spoelstra over the last few years. Audrey has always provided exceptional care for numerous health challenges that I have experienced over time. She takes great care and time to ensure all aspects of health are addressed: physical, emotional, mental, which enhance the success of her treatment. Audrey provides a safe, understanding, sympathetic and supportive environment to assist her patients healing process. She has been very instrumental in helping me deal with various issues, such as digestive, candida, hormonal, fertility and now pregnancy. I feel very confident that Audrey will only recommend what she truly feels is best, and truly cares for her patients. She is a uniquely sensitive person, and I have always felt that she truly cares for me and my family.

I love her products and have my entire family using her line of minerals, with great success. Both the Cilver and CilZinCo are staples in our home and have helped us through many colds and infections. I couldn't be without them or Audrey.

She has seen me through so much, and I trust her level of care and knowledge to guide me with any future challenges. I feel very blessed to have experienced the level of kindness, care and expertise that Audrey offers.

Merkia Athanasiou
Vaughan, Ontario