Testimonial by Janice Salloch

I had previous experiences throughout my life with naturopaths, dietitians, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more. I had found lots of "suggestions" which were helpful and positive, yet they never provided the "answer" to some of my ongoing issues. I was and am always open to learning something new.

I have had life long weight problems and have a family with little ones that had immune systems that weren't quite doing their jobs. I met Audrey during the summer months of 2015 when she came to my farm to share in some organic vegetables, chickens and free range eggs. We chatted about a small goat on my farm who had a rather unfortunate run of bad luck in the health department. Audrey then brought me a "magical" little bottle of Angstrom silver or (cilver) which I treated him with immediately. I wouldn't believe the change in his condition if I hadn't seen it first hand.

Then Audrey introduced me to another "magical" little weed on my farm called pineapple weed (or wild chamomile). I began my relationship with my all time favourite tea & now hunt for it everywhere.

I then decided to research these wonderful little things which she had introduced to my life; realizing that they weren't as magical as I thought, but actually beneficial things which I had never heard of, but would never forget.

I decided to give Audrey and her expertise a proper try. Since I live up here, we did a phone consultation and had many back & forth emails to get my history part complete. Then I was presented with my "protocol" & instructions on what to do next, as well as more recipes and tips on things that would benefit myself and my family.

I won't lie, I didn't start the entire protocol until I had commitment from within myself, & started slowly with some of the great tips. It wasn't until my family got REALLY sick, having e-coli from our well water & then a parasite afterwards that we hit rock bottom and needed a big change.
Then we quit the dreaded sugar monster & removed grains from our diets. It's all or nothing for me. The silver for ridding of the parasites and local CHAGA for its fantastic benefits, bone broth, homemade saurkraut & kimchi, just to name a few things. 

We are finally on the rise! Health has come back to our house and it can only get better from here. I have personally dropped 30 pounds, and the kids have regained their energy and joy. I can't wait to see what this new life brings after time goes on. We will most definitely need to include before and after pictures for Audrey.

As for recommending Audrey to my friends & family; I would in a heartbeat. She is such a warm, caring person who values family and spreads her sunshine to others with her generous heart and ultimate urge to care for others, and share health with everyone. If we don't have health, we have nothing and I am thankful to Audrey for her help on our journey.

Janice Salloch
Bruce Peninsula, Ontario