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A Little Bit About Me
I have developed a deep appreciation for the amazing intellect our bodies have in the recovery process. The ability to heal naturally already exists in each of us; we just have to discover it.

— Audrey deVoogd Spoelstra

Meet Audrey deVoogd Spoelstra, founder of Elevate Yourself to Wellness, a lover of life and all its ups and downs. She embraces wellness after experiencing a multiplicity of health challenges and thus created Elevate Yourself to Wellness to coach others to this abundance. She has invested a lot of time, patience, open mindedness and money to do so and she encourages anyone she meets to do the same. She believes everyone is created for abundance and everyone needs someone to help them get there and stay there.  She has some non-negotiables other than nutrition that she practises and includes in her teaching. Sleep, fitness, quality friendships, personal development, mindset and spiritual practise are part of what she encourages her family, friends and clients to undertake in order to get the most of her wellness coaching services.

Audrey was a General Manager for several years in a Natural Health Clinic setting as a Naturopathic Health Advisor, but felt that providing optimum wellness by getting to the root cause of unwellness would be more productive than just “band aiding” symptoms.

After this beneficial experience, she felt it was time for a change, and has turned her bricks and mortar clinic to a Virtual Holistic Service, allowing her to maximise time with clients on their wellness journey, as well as creating a flexible practicing environment for herself and for clients.

Attending CSNN (Canadian School for Natural Nutrition) for Holistic Nutrition in 2010 assured her that she was well equipped to offer her incredible knowledge, experience and caring nature to others. Audrey also received Bach Flower Training in 2017 to be a part of her holistic practise.

Audrey continues to tend to her own garden by mineralizing, cultivating, weeding and nourishing the soil that surrounds her. Audrey’s continued her education at Seroyal Continuing Medical Education (CME) program for natural healthcare professionals  through live programming, courses, one-day intensives, webinars and teleconference series feeds her as well as you. She recognizes that her wealth of knowledge goes beyond herself and isn’t afraid to seek support through other Holistic Practitioners she works alongside.

She is passionate about empowering you to learn all you need to be well. Audrey recognizes that each body is unique and has its own specific nutritional needs, so each Elevate Yourself to Wellness program is always completely tailored to you. Find out how you can work with Audrey, and drop her a line to just say hi, or to learn more about Elevate Yourself to Wellness’ services. 

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