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Hear What Clients Have To Say with Our Testimonials

Testimonials are important for me to share with you as all potential clients should understand the level of unwavering support that is provided to you with the  Virtual Wellness Services offered by Elevate Yourself to Wellness. Read what clients are saying in their testimonials, and contact us to book your initial consultation.

I was introduced to Audrey through a good friend and have been using her services from time to time over the past 10 years. I have had digestion issues for many years and have tried on my own to change this and that but continued to have a lot of trouble and discomfort daily. This past spring, I contacted Audrey again as I was facing some extremely challenging health issues which were starting to overwhelm me.

We set up a time for a phone consultation at which time I was able to share my health issues and concerns as well as personal struggles which I knew have been contributing factors to my overall health and wellbeing. We connected immediately at a very deep level. I have always loved this about Audrey. She listened to me and lovingly without any judgment or shame offered suggestions for change. Audrey suggested I should eliminate all grains, sugars and dairy products to help her understand what was going on in my digestion. She didn’t just leave me with food elimination but gave many suggestions for what I could eat. I hear so many people who are told the same thing by their Dr. but are left feeling so confused because they don’t know what they can eat. It feels like a guessing game. I’ve been down that road many times. I started a whole food diet and immediately felt less bloated, gassy and my stomach actually felt softer. She encouraged me to keep a daily food journal of what I ate and how it made me feel. This forced me to take ownership of what I put in my mouth and how it made me feel. It’s been extremely rewarding and empowering to realize how much the food I choose to eat either fuels me or makes me sick. On a happy note, I have also lost close to 10 pounds. As I was diagnosed with parasites we are working towards healing through healthy eating, detoxification and introducing natural products to help rid my body of the parasites.

I have been working with Audrey for just over 2 months and I pretty much stick to the original whole food diet plan we began with. The plan is working, and Audrey is giving me encouragement along the way to trust the process and her expert advice as to what to expect, etc. Some people have asked me why I didn’t just go to the Dr. for medication to get rid of the parasites. I chose the natural root even though it may require more work in preparing meals and costlier, but I believe this is the path for me. I love that Audrey and I connect on a spiritual level. She has my best interest at heart. She has offered wonderful suggestions for meals, snacks, recipes and solid life affirming advice along the way. I am so thankful to God for her help in my journey to wellness.

Yvonne Mulder

I just want to thank you very much for giving us your time on Friday. I'm already telling others about the advice you gave us, hoping others may become paying customers for you. Tiena likes you much more than the last two naturopaths she visited (************************************and ******************************). She didn't go back to them because she couldn't afford all the supplements they wanted to sell her. She's making a serious effort and getting into eating as you recommended.


I had previous experiences throughout my life with naturopaths, dietitians, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more. I had found lots of "suggestions" which were helpful and positive, yet they never provided the "answer" to some of my ongoing issues. I was and am always open to learning something new.

I have had life long weight problems and have a family with little ones that had immune systems that weren't quite doing their jobs. I met Audrey during the summer months of 2015 when she came to my farm to share in some organic vegetables, chickens and free range eggs. We chatted about a small goat on my farm who had a rather unfortunate run of bad luck in the health department. Audrey then brought me a "magical" little bottle of Angstrom silver or (cilver) which I treated him with immediately. I wouldn't believe the change in his condition if I hadn't seen it first hand.

Then Audrey introduced me to another "magical" little weed on my farm called pineapple weed (or wild chamomile). I began my relationship with my all time favourite tea & now hunt for it everywhere.

I then decided to research these wonderful little things which she had introduced to my life; realizing that they weren't as magical as I thought, but actually beneficial things which I had never heard of, but would never forget.I decided to give Audrey and her expertise a proper try. Since I live up here, we did a phone consultation and had many back & forth emails to get my history part complete. Then I was presented with my "protocol" & instructions on what to do next, as well as more recipes and tips on things that would benefit myself and my family.

I won't lie, I didn't start the entire protocol until I had commitment from within myself, & started slowly with some of the great tips. It wasn't until my family got REALLY sick, having e-coli from our well water & then a parasite afterwards that we hit rock bottom and needed a big change.Then we quit the dreaded sugar monster & removed grains from our diets. It's all or nothing for me. The silver for ridding of the parasites and local CHAGA for its fantastic benefits, bone broth, homemade saurkraut & kimchi, just to name a few things. 

We are finally on the rise! Health has come back to our house and it can only get better from here. I have personally dropped 30 pounds, and the kids have regained their energy and joy. I can't wait to see what this new life brings after time goes on. We will most definitely need to include before and after pictures for Audrey.

As for recommending Audrey to my friends & family; I would in a heartbeat. She is such a warm, caring person who values family and spreads her sunshine to others with her generous heart and ultimate urge to care for others, and share health with everyone. If we don't have health, we have nothing and I am thankful to Audrey for her help on our journey.

Janice Salloch

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Audrey Spoelstra over the last few years. Audrey has always provided exceptional care for numerous health challenges that I have experienced over time. She takes great care and time to ensure all aspects of health are addressed: physical, emotional, mental, which enhance the success of her treatment. Audrey provides a safe, understanding, sympathetic and supportive environment to assist her patients healing process. She has been very instrumental in helping me deal with various issues, such as digestive, candida, hormonal, fertility and now pregnancy. I feel very confident that Audrey will only recommend what she truly feels is best, and truly cares for her patients. She is a uniquely sensitive person, and I have always felt that she truly cares for me and my family.

I love her products and have my entire family using her line of minerals, with great success. Both the Cilver and CilZinCo are staples in our home and have helped us through many colds and infections. I couldn't be without them or Audrey.

She has seen me through so much, and I trust her level of care and knowledge to guide me with any future challenges. I feel very blessed to have experienced the level of kindness, care and expertise that Audrey offers.

Merkia Athanasiou

My cancer journey began in October 2012 when after a routine medical I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer. On a scale of 1 to 10 they had me at a 9.5! Once the initial shock had settled I was put on a course of hormone replacements. That worked for the first year.

My journey has taught me to surround myself with the most upbeat and positive people possible and those people will guide you through anything.

Connections with the right people are amazing. During that time a friend of mine suggested that Ienlist the help of her friend Audrey. It was January 2014 that I set up my first appointment with Audrey. I could tell from the moment she greeted me at the door that my friend had guided me in the right direction.My journey has taught me to surround myself with the most upbeat and positive people possible and those people will guide you through anything. Connections with the right people are amazing. During that time a friend of mine suggested that Ienlist the help of her friend Audrey. It was January 2014 that I set up my first appointment with Audrey. I could tell from the moment she greeted me at the door that my friend had guided me in the right direction.

Conversation comes easy when you are comfortable with someone, especially when you meet for the first time. First meeting was easy. A bit of an eye opener but it all made sense to me. Initially my only hesitation was my current financial situation. But I realized the decision had to be made in the best interests of my health and started my journey with her that day.

I have opted to continue with my cancer clinic treatments as well as receiving expert guidance from Audrey on a monthly basis. With each treatment I get a bloodwork printout which I bring for her to analyze and she explains to me each product she suggests I take between visits. She has guided me through another year of Hormone replacement therapy and as of December 2015 a course of chemo.

My doctors continue to be amazed at how I feel so healthy and have been able to maintain my insane work schedule and stay fit through all of this.

I truly believe that Audrey's guidance is the main reason for my amazing success. And for me, most importantly a great friendship has developed which I cherish dearly.

Allan Warwick

I was desperate to feel better. Tired all the time, not sleeping well, fuzzy thinking, itchy skin; those were only some of my complaints. After I met Audrey, my bowels started moving well and after avoiding some foods and introducing new ones with supplements, everything changed.

The joy today is to wake up rested and energized. I can walk anywhere from 12 - 20 blocks most days. I have a positive mental attitude. Seeing Audrey helped me take charge of my life. It is a complete package.

I feet better all around; body, mind and soul. Oh and did I mention my attitude and outlook on life is so positive now.


Eileen Duchene

My journey to better health started 4 years ago and it has been nothing other than an incredible learning experience!

Audrey has shared with me how parts of my body react to different foods. This experience has been, for lack of a better word, gentle. Slowly I have eliminated foods out of my diet that have not served me well and gently added foods which boost my immune, help with my anxiety, clear my lymphatic system and as a result lose a few pounds. I no longer take any form of antidepressants, and cope with life by eating the foods that keep my head and body healthy. It really is that easy! 

Audrey has also linked my faith to this journey and how God plays a huge role in forgiving myself for my past. When there is forgiveness in your heart and not regret your cravings are less and you tend to not reach to food for comfort. Incredible advice.

Through this whole process I have developed a love for my kitchen. Audrey has provided incredible recipes along the way which have been super easy to make. When you start to eat clean (no processed foods) it is incredible how your body responds.

I am not perfect through this process and fall off the band wagon occasionally but Audrey is always there to motivate me, teach me forgiveness in myself and lift my spirits to start again. She is like our own personal cheerleader!

I have spent a lifetime trying every type of diet out there, to lose and quickly always gain afterwards. Audrey has shown me that when you invest in the knowledge she provides, that this is not about a quick fix it is a journey to a life time of health and longevity. 

  I am worth it!

Cynthia Faubert